The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has recently issued an alert warning of persons attempting to impersonate Law Enforcement, Government Officials, and the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS).

The Bureau of Environmental Health Services (BEHS) is aware of several recent incidents in Missouri in which one or more individuals have attempted to impersonate state or local public health staff, including health inspectors.

Yesterday, March 23, there was an incident in Nodaway County. In this case, the caller told the restaurant owner that they had complaints filed against them that would need to be investigated. They told the owner that he had to pay a fee in order for the “Health Inspector” to come out and investigate. He then asked for credit card information to collect this fee. The owner was wise enough to not give out this information and he then contacted the Nodaway County Health Department for further information.

Please be aware that this scam is taking place in our Northwest Missouri region, and do not be fooled. While it is true that our Health Inspector follows up on all complaints, it will almost always be in person and he will never ask for money or take credit card information. If the caller claims to be a State Inspector representing the DHSS Bureau of Environmental Health Services, they will always have identification badges, state endorsed forms, and iPhones with the ability to send verification emails about who they are from their email.

Bureau staff can also be verified over the phone through their main line at (573) 751-6095 during business hours and after hours through the Department’s 24-hour toll free number at (800) 392-0272. The Bureau maintains inspectors on-call 24/7/365 that can be reached through the toll free number.

Young at Heart Resources received this information from the Nodaway County Health Department.

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