As a nonprofit organization Young at Heart Resources relies on volunteers in carrying out our mission.

The following programs have opportunity to put your compassion to work for others.

Ombudsman (Advocacy)

Ombudsman volunteers are individuals who help residents in the long-term care setting. If a resident has a concern, the Ombudsman is an important resource in helping to resolve it. Often the volunteer acts as a buffer between the resident and the facility staff. The purpose is to encourage the resident to become empowered in expressing his or her concerns. 

The Ombudsman volunteers are also a vital source of information and assistance to individuals in nursing facilities. Before being assigned to a facility, volunteers receive 18 hours of training in problem solving, complaint coding, reporting, and enhancement of communication and mediation skills. Ombudsman volunteers establish relationships with residents that build a trusting rapport and a sense of empowerment for the resident. 

Provide – a – Ride (Par) Transportation

Provide transportation services to medical appointments and other essential non-emergency services for eligible persons who are at least 60 years of age. 

This service is provided for those who do not drive, are unable to utilize public transportation and do not have family or friends who are available to drive them.

Silver Haired Legislature – Delegation

The Silver Haired Legislature is an elected body, made up of individuals who are at least 60 years of age; and it promotes conscientious legislative advocacy for Missouri’s older adults.

Senators and Representatives are elected from the 18-county area served by Young at Heart Resources.  They meet in June of each year to go through the process of determining potential legislative bills that would benefit Northwest Missourians.

Those bills are then combined with bills that delegates from the other nine Missouri Area Agencies on Aging have determined to be beneficial for their respective areas.

In the fall, all 30 Senators and 120 Representatives from across the state meet for two days to conduct a model legislative session. 

At that time, members are seated in the Missouri Senate and House chambers, where they debate and vote on previously-selected legislation and resolutions.   From the docket, five bills are chosen by the Silver Haired Legislature as priority pieces of legislation to be advocated for during the regular Missouri General Assembly.

Healthy Aging

If you enjoy working with the public, especially older adults, and have experience leading a group while also valuing the benefits of exercise, you can be a volunteer leader for one of the following evidence-based classes:

Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program
Walk with Ease
Tai Chi for Arthritis for Fall Prevention
Chronic Disease Self Management
A Matter of Balance

Call our office for more info about these opportunities.