Subsidized transportation in our 18-county area of Northwest Missouri is available in several forms, depending on need and location.

We have a volunteer driver program called PAR (Provide a Ride) available in some counties, through which we provide trained volunteer drivers to take the client to his or her non-emergency medical appointments. Young at Heart Resources reimburses the PAR volunteer on a set per-mile basis. If there is not a volunteer driver available, we offer client reimbursement. This option is for clients who have someone to drive them, and feel the need to reimburse the driver, but do not have the means to do so themselves. 

In addition, we provide public transportation vouchers in the St. Joseph area, and OATS vouchers for residents in the 18-county area, for non-emergency medical trips, essential business and shopping trips, and to go eat at a senior center nutrition site. 

Contact us to confirm eligibility.

We need volunteer drivers!

Trained Provide-a-Ride (PAR) drivers take our clients to non-emergency medical appointments. They receive supplemental insurance and mileage reimbursement.

If you like driving, enjoy the company of others, and would like to volunteer for PAR, contact our office to learn about the vetting process.