Today it’s Michael’s turn.

Michael is our Chief Executive Officer (CEO). His work with Young at Heart began in June of 2019.

Michael attended Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, IL, where he earned a Bachelor’s in Political Science, then a Master’s in Gerontology. (Lucky for us, Gerontology is the study of aging and its processes.)

He says, “I’m grateful to be working with such a great group of individuals that have a heart for our clients. This organization would not be what it is without the contributions from each of our employees.” He also see the value in our connections, and enjoys traveling throughout our 18-county region to visit our partners and clients. “It’s amazing to see firsthand all the lives that our employees touch.

“Michael spends his evenings and weekends catching up on all the news and politics with his newly adopted senior cat, Butterball. He also enjoys going on road trips, antiquing, and visiting wineries with his weekend friend, Jonathon.

We’re grateful for YOU, Michael! Thanks for all you do as our leader.

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