Today we want you to meet Mary Jo Fletchall.

Mary Jo celebrated her six-year anniversary with Young at Heart Resources a few weeks ago. She was initially hired as a temporary employee under a Benefits Enrollment Center grant, and three months later secured full-time status to focus on benefits counseling.

“I love my job,” she says. “My role here is, if there is a need, I find the resource.” She helps older adults make sense of Medicare and Missouri’s assistance programs, including those which help their financial situations. She also helps with the applications process, which is often a need on its own. “I sleep good at night knowing I’m making a difference.”

Mary Jo’s dachshund, Roxie, brings her joy and is spoiled rotten for it. That’s not to take away from her kids—Trent (20) and Hannah (18)—though they’d probably say that Roxie is her favorite. And so would Roxie, if she could talk!

Mary Jo’s free time of late has been consumed by house hunting. She’s found the one she wants, positioned at a good location for the balance between work and family, and hopes to close soon.

Mary Jo, thanks for the good you do with our clients.

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