October 6, 2021
For Immediate Release                                         
Contact: Becky Caldwell

Long-term Care Residents Honored During Residents’ Rights Month, October 2021

Across the country, residents of nursing homes and other long-term care facilities along with family members, Ombudsman program representatives, citizen advocates, facility staff, and others will honor the individual rights of long-term care residents by celebrating Residents’ Rights Month.  

The theme for Residents’ Rights Month 2021, “Reclaiming My Rights, My Home, My Life,” acknowledges the impact of this past year on residents, and highlights the need for residents’ rights to be recognized, recovered, and reasserted. It emphasizes the recognition of the long-term care facility as the residents’ home, and the importance of residents reclaiming their own lives.

Residents in skilled nursing facilities, veteran homes, residential care facilities, and assisted living facilities maintain their rights as U.S. Citizens. Residents’ Rights Month raises awareness about these rights and pays tribute to the unique contributions of long-term residents. 

For more information on how you can celebrate Residents’ Rights month, or to learn how to become a volunteer, contact your Regional Ombudsman Program at Young at Heart Resources. Call 816-749-0034 or email Becky Caldwell, Regional Ombudsman Manager, at bcaldwell@yahresources.org, or Robin Williams at rwilliams@yahresources.org.

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