POSITION: Healthy Living Coordinator
CLASSIFICATION: Part time                               
REPORTS TO: Chief Operating Officer


The purpose of the Healthy Living Coordinator is to lead and oversee the agency’s Disease Prevention and Health Promotion programs. The position also provides leadership and is responsible for planning and development of training, educational materials, and new initiatives related to the healthy living needs of the clients we serve. The position functions under general supervision of the Chief Operating Officer.


  • Develop, implement, and assess short and long-term planning, including goals, objectives, and outcomes for healthy aging programs in conjunction with the Chief Operating Officer. Evaluate and report on results. (This may include client satisfaction as well as outcome and performance measures.)
  • Oversight of development, management, review, and reporting of all programs and services within the Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Programs.
  • Research and recommend evidenced based programs or other licensed programs for inclusion in the DPHP program roster.
  • Develop and/or provide leader training for all programs developed, licensed, or sponsored by the DPHP.
  • Recruit, train, and oversee volunteers associated with the DPHP program. Update training as needed.
  • Lead the program if no qualified volunteer or partner is available.
  • Establish a network of community partners, foster strong partnerships and positive relationships with the local communities to create visibility, and understanding of issues and programs offered.
  • Represent Young at Heart Resources in a positive, professional manner.
  • Support and uphold the mission statement, principles, and policies of Young at Heart Resources.
  • Handle confidential information with tact and discretion and in compliance with applicable HIPPA regulations and requirements.


Experience in health fitness or exercise field. Knowledge of aging and older adults preferred. Other training and/or comparable work experience may be considered.


  • Leadership and vision
  • A demonstrated commitment to high professional ethical standards and a diverse workplace
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and a collaborative management style
  • Able to work independently and set and meet own deadlines without direct supervision
  • Ability to work well with all levels of education and expertise
  • Able to develop and implement a sound strategy and plan
  • Understanding of client base
  • Ability to organize and maintain reports, detailed reporting required – both oral and written
  • Extensive computer skills including the ability to learn specialty computer programs as well as operate a wide variety of technological equipment
  • Training and public speaking skills
  • Creative thinking and problem solving – ability to look at situations from several points of view
  • Delegates responsibility effectively
  • Persuasive with details and facts – ability to challenge and debate issues of importance to the agency
  • Verbal and written communication by phone, computer, and face to face with contractors, other organizations, and clients.
  • Willing to travel, requires travel primarily within the northwest eighteen counties but can include outside the area as well
  • Moderate physical activity required. Must be able to stand, walk, climb stairs, and lead cardiovascular exercise programs
  • Ability to see clearly printed material, and to see objects at a far distance


I have read the above and understand that it is intended to describe the general content of and requirements for performing this job. I also understand the expectations of an exempt employee and agree to abide by them. I agree to be screened for inclusion on the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services Family Care Safety Registry. I have been given a copy of this description and understand that it is not an employment contract, that employment is at-will.

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