The CFO will have oversight responsibility for all financial-related activities. He/she will also provide financial analysis, statistical information, and accounting expertise to the CEO, Director of Operations, Board of Directors, staff, contractors, and regulators. The position reports to the CEO.


  • Responsible for preparations and oversight of the General Ledger and all financial-related Statements and Reports.
  • Ensure accurate and timely preparation and submission of payroll and all related reports and filings, accounts payable, and receivables.
  • Ensure the preparation and timely submission of accurate monthly, quarterly and annual financial related reports.
  • Preparation of the State Mandated Audit Financial Statements, and related supporting documentation; oversight of the audit process including the preparation of forms 990 and dissemination of audit reports.
  • Establish procedures for custody and control of assets, records, and collateral to ensure safekeeping and compliance. Assess and recommend use of cash reserves to maximize interest income.
  • Establish, implement and oversee purchasing procedures, including bidding, and ensure they comply with regulations.
  • Analyze financial data and make timely recommendations to the CEO based on that analysis to identify opportunities for improvement within the Agency’s programs and business to achieve a high-quality but cost-effective services & business operations.
  • Evaluate financial reporting systems, accounting, and collection procedures and recommend changes to procedures, operating systems, budgets, and other financial and internal control functions.
  • Develop, update, and implement a comprehensive Financial Procedures Manual.
  • Continually assess agency service and financial trends for strategic review by the management staff and Board of Directors
  • Work with insurance brokers and agents to purchase/renew all necessary and mandated insurances and risk management tools.
  • Monitor financial industry as well as related federal and state regulations, changes and trends and ensure compliance and transparency of the Agency’s fiduciary responsibilities
  • Develop job descriptions, recruit, and interview, select and train Department employees on all accounting functions.  Includes supervision, evaluation, discipline and termination of Department employees.
  • Represent Young at Heart Resources in a positive, professional manner with prospective, former and current contractors, partners, employees, other organizations, clients and the general public.
  •  Interact effectively with a diverse group of organizations, governmental representatives, communities, professionals, clients, employees and in a highly professional manner
  • Support and uphold the mission statement, principles and policies of the Northwest Missouri Area Agency on Aging.
  • Handle confidential information with tact and discretion and in compliance with applicable HIPPA regulations and requirements.


  • Assist with disasters per the Agency’s disaster plan and as assigned.
  • Perform other functions and duties as necessary or as assigned.


Bachelor’s in Finance or related field from a four-year accredited College or University. Two years or more related experience, preferably with non-profits and allocated cost accounting.  Management experience preferred.


  • Leadership and vision as well as strategic and long-term thinking, critical and logical thinking
  • Understanding of GAAP as related to non-profits
  • Ability to implement and maintain financial controls in a small business environment
  • Proficiency with accounting software including proficiency in Excel
  • Ability to simplify financial information for non-financial people
  • Budget development and oversight experience
  • Knowledge of tax and other compliance implications of non-profit status
  • A demonstrated commitment to high professional ethical standards and a diverse workplace
  • Able to work independently and set and meet own deadlines without supervision
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and a collaborative management style
  • Able to develop and implement a sound strategy and plan
  • Persuasive negotiation skills
  • Ability to read, analyze and interpret complex documents
  • Maintain composure and focus under stress
  • Delegates responsibility effectively
  • Persuasive with details and facts
  • Adequate verbal and written communication skills via phone, computer and face-to-face with contractors, other organizations and clients.
  • Able to do minimal lifting, pushing, pulling

Apply by sending a cover letter and your resume to mstopka@yahresources.org.Young at Heart Resources is an EOE

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